Hello and welcome to Ada Style Minute! For those of you who know me, welcome back! And for those of you who don’t, my name is Ada Deferrari and I’m all about helping you build a confidence closet. In other words, whenever you open up your closet, whatever you pick out, whatever you put on, makes you look and feel super confident.

And today I wanted to talk to you about being confident in your workout clothes no matter your body shape. I have a few tips for you that I hope you’ll be able to apply this weekend when you work out!

Now, why the dressing for your body shape? Why workout clothes for your body shape? Well because dressing for your body shape it’s going to help you feel more confident about your body.

So here’s my first tip on what workout clothes to wear for your body shape. Tip number one: know your body shape! I know you know I was going to say that, so I have a Body Shape Calculator, you can put in your measurements and I will give your body shape. But if you also want like kind of the easy way what you need to do is examine your body shape and your body type.

So, what are the assets that you have? What are some things on your body that you want to highlight when you’re getting dressed? And of course, we’re talking about workout clothes. Some of my clients say shoulders, some of my clients say arms, some say legs, some say booty, some say just all around, they are very confident with their body… And also, what are some of the parts of your body that maybe you want to disguise a little bit? Now, don’t say everything, okay?! Because you’ve got awesome assets to highlight too. But some of my clients, when it comes to disguising certain parts of their body, for the most part, because I’m working with a little bit of an older clientele, in their forties and up, then they say maybe the tummy area because it is pretty common that we start getting a little bit of tummy in our forties, or maybe the thigh area, or the hip area… So those are common areas that many of my clients what to disguise.

For tip number two, now it’s really being very conscientious of what shapes of clothing you choose to wear for your body shape. Now, it’s very common for women to wear an oversized baggy t-shirt, and maybe some of them like sweats to work out. But I’m telling you, statistics have proved over and over again that when you’re wearing kind of like sloppy clothes and you’re feeling kind of sloppy and you’re not working out, you don’t feel powerful enough.

And it’s just not going to be very motivational, it’s not going to make you feel very confident and it’s not going to get you very far! So, it is important to choose the right silhouettes, the right clothing for your body shape.

Now, one of the things that I like to think about and I say the same thing about regular clothes is creating a balance. So, if you’re wearing something loose, wear something tighter on the bottom. If you’re wearing something tight on top, you could wear something a little bit more loose on the bottom. Try to avoid loose and loose, okay?

Now, I know lots of workout t-shirts are you either super tight or they’re very loose and baggy… So, you kind of just have to play with the proportion. You can wear something like this, where it’s a little bit looser on top and then you can throw in a little knot off to the side, or even in the back to give it a little bit more shape, and then you got your leggings on the bottom, right?

Or, if you’re going to go tight and tight, great! Just again, that is an outfit that will show all of your curves! So as long as you’re okay with that, awesome!

And if not, then again, choose like the tight and the loose, or the loose and the tight, so those are your two options there for tip number two.

Tip number three is theme color. Now, if you are somebody that’s trying to disguise your bottom half, then you want to choose colors that are a little bit more either darker colors (I’m not saying only black), but darker colors or solid colors versus pattern.

Oftentimes, and actually, I just got this for workout here, so this is very inspirational for me. Very often I’m standing in the back and just watching the ladies, and maybe ladies are dressed up like the opposite, and so they’re wearing like some cool funky leggings with like bright colors.If they’re a little bit bigger on the bottom that attracts attention there but then they’re taking a solid t-shirt, and pulling it down, pulling it down over their booty. I got what they’re doing, but you could also go the other way, like wear like a funky shirt on top, like something with a print and loud and animal print, and then something more solid down on the bottom. Again, it doesn’t have to just be black for a solid. So print, it maximizes, and solid it minimizes. Same thing with color: brighter colors, lighter colors maximize, and darker colors and solids minimize.

So, those are your three tips. And I’m going to give you a few links down below of some cute workout clothes that I found on the Nordstrom website recently, I think they’re having a sale soon too, so check those out.

Hope this helped you! And leave me a comment down below, or you can follow me here on Instagram, where I’m giving you tips and tricks on a daily basis, either on stories or posts, all about dressing for your body shape.

And if you haven’t checked out my friends Oonagh Duncan’s books and videos here’s her Instagram, you can go on there and check out her books.

It’s all about how to build habits back into working out. It super helped me to get back into shape after baby number three, just to build those really solid habits, and I have to kind of repeat them over and over again. So, I read her book and probably like two or three different times, I follow her on, I’m in her program, it is super amazing, and the check it out right there I’m going to give you her Instagram link, and I’ll also link some of her things down below too. This isn’t a promotional video, I just really believe in her stuff and you should check it out!

Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!



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