If you’re ready to ditch your sweats and start dressing back up again, then this video is for you!

I have 4 classic outfit ideas that are super simple but elevated and positive you have at least 3 or 4 of these outfits in your closet already. So, let me share with you 4 classic outfit ideas, how to elevate them, and how to get you out of your sweats in no time.

Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute, my name is Ada. Thank you for joining me for the Style Minute on 4 classic outfits.

So, maybe you’re out of point right now, you’re like you know “I’m kind of tired of my sweats and I want to start dressing back up again, but where do I start? It’d be lovely to have a uniform”.

So if you saw my video last week, the one on “7 Habits of a Stylish Lady” then one of the things that stylish ladies have is a uniform.

So if you’re ready to join me, again, get out of your sweats and start dressing up again, but you’re like “Oh my god, it just sounds super overwhelming”, then I have 4 classic outfit ideas for you that are super easy for you to get together and I’m sure you have these pieces in your closet already.

1. Ok, I’ll start off with the first one which is maybe a little bit harder, I’m not sure if you actually have this particular piece I’ll start with, but it’s a jumpsuit.

So maybe you don’t have this piece but I think it’s awesome to have a jumpsuit in your closet. I think it’s kind of like the winter dress, it’s kind of a dress, it’s like one piece, but its pants tend to be super comfortable. I love jumpsuits because, again, they’re very often very roomy, it’s one outfit that you just throw on, you can put on a belt, maybe something over your shoulders and you’re good to go!

Such an easy outfit to get into, especially if you’ve just been more in your sweats and now you’re wanting to dress up a little bit more. So, just one piece.

2. The second outfit idea I have for you is actually a dress, and it’s a little black dress.

The reason I wanted to include this is that many of my clients were emailing me saying like “Well, you know we don’t have anywhere to go, restaurants are closed…”. But maybe you can have a night in with your partner or with your kids or a girlfriend, even via Zoom, and just dressing up for the night is so much more fun than just wearing socks and watching Netflix! I mean, that’s fun but just dressing up and you know, putting on some makeup, a belt, some jewelry…

And black dresses come in all shapes and forms, they don’t have to be super tight and revealing. They could be like this little tulle format, with this little tulle skirt. You could also through on a cotton little black dress, something maybe a little bit more loose. But a little black dress can be easily elevated, just throw it on tonight and pop on a Zoom call, or have a dining evening with some candles with your partner and I think you’ll just feel so much better getting out of the sweats.

3. The third outfit that I think is very classy and I’m sure you have is a white top and black trousers.

This one is super easy and again, it doesn’t have to be tight, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, it could be stylish and comfortable in one! There’s some inspiration here, of a white button-down, again, it could be a little bit more roomy if you like it. I love a peplum white top, I just think it’s so flattering. Or linen and you just roll on the sleeves, do a little half-tuck, and your black pants, and it’s a great classic outfit. Throw on some earrings, lipstick and you’re good to go feeling super confident, and again, it’s just so much more elevated than sweats!

4. And last but not least, how about a little black top and jeans? I’m sure you have this in your closet already.

I love the way that Reese Witherspoon pulls together this with a little belt and a necklace. You could throw on a blazer as well, red lipstick, and it’s such an easy outfit right there! So this is a great uniform.

I’ve given you 4 options, I think that the last 2 you have in your closet: white top and black trousers; black top and jeans, and just elevate them! Throw on lipstick, put on a belt, a necklace, some earrings… You can keep it super simple but I promisse you these small little tweaks will make you feel more confident, and just getting out of those sweats or workout outfits will just make you feel so much better.

I personally love this look, this is definitely one of my uniforms.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, let me know in the comments below your favorite outfit!

And I do have a special Workshop coming up to make you look and feel more confident every day.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time on Ada Style Minute!

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