Does your closet need attention?  It’s a mix of colors, patterns and many sizes that you haven’t worn in a while?  Did you know that the average woman wears only 10% of everything she has in her closet?

What about the rest?

Okay, you can see it but you usually end up wearing the same thing (in the same way) because it’s easy to find and what you’re most comfortable wearing, right?
Well I want to challenge you to reboot your closet in 2019 and start wearing some of the other fabulous items you have in there (yeah, even the tops that still have tags on ‘em).
And…I’d like to challenge you make your closet a more creative space…
To do that let’s start with some closet hacks to get your creatives juices going…
and next week we’ll dive deeper.P.S.  I have a LIVE masterclass next week (Tuesday at 2pm PST & Wednesday at 10am PST) on how to create stylish outfits with clothes you already have in your closet.  Click here to sign up.



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