In this video, I share with you a few quick ways to look good and put together without too much effort. These include simple tricks you can add to your morning work routine, pre-running errands or when going from one activity to the next with no extra time to spare. Add your personal style to every outfit and have fun with it.

1. Accessorize

Why accessorizing? Because it looks like you put in the effort. So, putting on a belt it will literally pull together your
outfit. It’ll combine the handbag and the shoes together it’ll pull together your cardigan, your top, your dress it will literally not only pull together the look  but also at the outfit. So, put on a belt and you will see the transformation.

2. Hair

Take 5 minutes for your grooming! Do your hair, put it up in a bun or a little pony or do a little braid, put a little bit of texturizing in it and it’ll not only help you feel better but help you look more put together as well.


3. Monochromatic

Let’s just say that you’re running errands you don’t have time to think about your outfit… put on a full outfit monochromatic is the easiest way to look more put together. It’s elongating, it’s pretty. Very often when I’m like lounging around the house and I’m wearing like it comfortable like maybe sweats I will have the same matching top and bottom and I will just look more put together.

4. Add a third piece

Throw on a fabulous coat or a fabulous blazer! There have been times when I was running from the gym to a conference and I didn’t have enough time to change, I just put on a cute blazer and I just looked more put together I’ve done the same thing with a coat where kind of story I was running to a meeting I just put on a really pretty fantastic elegant coat and I just magically looked more put together.


5. Shoes

Last but not least… having a fantastic pair of shoes! I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but when you walk up to somebody or you’re meeting them for the first time just watch their eyes and they’ll look down and look at your shoes! It’s the craziest thing I don’t know why but people pay attention to shoes. If you have a nice pair of shoes you will look more put together especially if it’s like a nice like leather pair of shoes, good quality… it makes a big difference.

If you like this video please share it with somebody that you would think would find value I have lots of resources down below including a how to dress for your body shape essential to have in your closet and I also have a style class going on right now live that you will enjoy and you can ask any of your questions.

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