One of the things I’ve heard almost every woman say is, “I have nothing to wear”.

I’ve said it myself.

You stand in-front of your closet in the morning or before a big event and while your closet is bursting you feel like there’s nothing you want to put on.

Nothing satisfies or excites you.

All the tops you try on are too big.  Pants are too tight.  Skirts don’t flatter, etc.

But the truth is, you have many golden nuggets in your closet that you either forgot about because it got shoveled in the back and got covered up by the latest. Or, you just need to be inspired again to wear the items in new ways.

In my Ada Style Minute video, I show you how-to take 13 pieces from your closet and put them together into these mini “clusters” of tops and bottoms that mix and match into 50+ outfits.

It’s part of my capsule style formula, but you don’t have to be a capsule wardrobe user to maximize what you have in your closet.  Bringing in more versatility will give all your clothes more value and make your style selection and purchases so much intentional.

You’ll have endless outfit possibilities and never feel like you have nothing to wear.

But there’s a caveat I want to address before you jump in and see the outfit magic happen.

When you pull items from your spring capsule (from your closet or when you shop) make sure every piece works for your body type so not only will you love the way the outfits look on a hanger, but you’ll love the way they fit and flatter your beautiful and unique shape.

Download the body shape guide here to find out your shape and learn how to dress for your body type.

Let’s dive in and see how the formula works so you can put together 50+ outfits… tonight!

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