Hello beautiful lady! So, we’re in a new season now, the sun is shining, it’s getting warmer outside… And it’s wonderful, flowers are blooming, you’ve got more energy, right? But then, there’s one little thing we might all be thinking about and it’s… What do I wear?

I may have gained a couple of pounds, or maybe you haven’t, I don’t know. I did! So, you might be thinking now with the new season and the warm outside of what to wear, what to wear…

So, I will be sharing in this video with you what to wear and a few things of what not to wear if you may have gained a little weight in the tummy area because it’s all about feeling confident, looking confident, and just owning it and feeling amazing in your own skin. So just because there’s a little bit of extra there, it doesn’t matter, it’s ok! I’m going to show you what to wear so you feel super amazing and confident. Ready to go? Alright!

So I happened to be shopping for a client recently and I picked out a few pieces and I thought… “You know what? I’m gonna double up on those and share them with you in this video”. So, let me go ahead and do that.

The first thing that I picked up for her… It’s a little wrinkled, I should have ironed it before! Is this linen shirt. Linen is so wonderful for warm weather. It covers you but at the same time, it forgives all the little lumps and bumps if you will. So you could wear a tank top underneath and then you can wear this linen over it. And what I like about this is that the little tie at the bottom. So, it gives you a little bit of shape, the client tried this on and it’s pretty form-fitting, especially because of this little knot and then in the back, it’s got the curves, which is nice.

So, the first thing is linen. And then also the fact that it opens up into a V it’s very flattering. So, if you’ve gained a little bit of weight over here, go for V shape! It’s just so much more flattering.

So, linen, like button-down linen is probably my go-to because I like to wear either strapless dresses or little spaghetti straps and then throw on a little linen cover-up and tight it higher on down lower. It’s wonderful and it’s just very flattering for disguising this little area.

The next thing up, well, it’s actually kind of right along the same lines. So, I picked up this, it’s not linen but it’s a nice and cozy fabric. And I will show you in another video different ways that you can tie this. But for my client personally, or what my client shared with me, is she loved this little kind of coverups, if you will, to wear. And it’s kind of the same idea of linen. But she’s gonna be covering up, she’s gonna be wearing it opened, and I actually wore this recently and I really liked it. Again, I guess a similar idea but it’s in a bright color and I wanted to talk to you about color really quick.

Now, I know when it comes to gaining a little bit of weight, especially around the tummy area, you would want to avoid color and think like “black, black, black”. But you could also bring in color if you’re layering, you can pull it off beautifully. And the color sends out a certain message. So, if you go with something beautiful such as red, mustard, blue, something just happy, then you’re going to say like “hey, I’m confident!” and you’re going to even trick yourself and think that you’re confident if you’re not quite yet. I hope you’re already and if you’re not, then again, colors will do that for you!

So, bring in as much color as possible and especially in a solid.

Now, the third piece I wanted to pull in, what I wanted to show you, I don’t know if you can really see it on the camera, but it’s this kind of black.. There’s a different fabric on the side and a different one here, it’s like a paneling. And when I put this on, and when my client tried it on it’s so cute because it goes in and it creates this hourglass shape. And so, even though she gained a little bit of weight here, because of the paneling it gives your that hourglass. Any kind of paneling if you’ve gained weight around the tummy area because it gives you that faux hourglass down in the middle and it’s just really nice.

Also with this black shirt that I just pulled out, again, v-neck, right? And so, if you’re somebody more busty and I can’t wear kind of button-downs, then you can just go with a T-shirt or even like a linen blouse that has that v-neck without the buttons. However, when I was shopping for my client that I was specifically talking about, she actually is more busty and these pieces worked for her.

Also, what she could do is unbutton a couple of buttons, and then she has this tank underneath and it works really nice as well. Or she could take the shirts and then tuck them in. They’re just more elevated, more elegant. So that’s why I shared with you three button-downs, cause I just think they make you look more elevated, more polished, and they’re just a really nice add-on to your spring/summer wardrobe.

The next thing that I think is gorgeous for spring/summer, and it especially helps if you have gained a little weight are dresses. And now that the weather is warm, you can wear dresses, you can wear even a shapeless kind of dress, a maxi dress, and belt it! That I think is such a cute look.

Now, the dress that I’m wearing right now, let me talk about it for a second, I really like this kind of cut because it makes my shoulders look wider. Therefore, it creates an illusion of a smaller waist. But I also like it because it is a little bit on the empire. However, sometimes when you’re looking at dresses that hit you at empire and it’s a soft fabric and then it kind of almost makes you look more pregnant, right? In this dress, there’s some cinching here in the true waist area. And I’ve seen many of this style’ dresses before. So, not necessarily go for an empire, but an empire widght or cinching on the waist, and then it goes out. And you probably couldn’t see my tummy, right?

Also, the third tip is you can wear Spanx, or there’s another line called Assets that Spanx makes at target. They’re wonderful, you can wear even regular underwear that goes up a little bit higher. And then it gets rids of the lumps and the bumps in the tummy area. So that it’s another quick little tip in a secret.

Now, what is it that you don’t wanna wear? Recently, I’ve been getting emails for feedback and…Well, how do I say this? Sometimes some of the pieces that you guys are sending me, I don’t think are the most flattering… Now again, if you love it, if you feel super confident, go for it! Don’t let me stop you. The dresses that I’ve been seeing lately are pretty tight around the tummy area and also in a very stiff fabric and the stiff fabric is just not as forgiving. Slip dresses…

You probably would wanna void slip dresses unless you’re maybe layering over them. But slip dresses are made out of this satin material… It’s shiny, it drives the attention right to the tummy area… So, again, if you wanna pull it off and you feel super amazing in it, go for it! For me, personally, I’d recommend staying away from any shiny fabrics or anything that kind of squeezes into. So, that’s my tip for you there.

Now, when it comes to midriffs, you won’t necessarily be wearing cropped tops. However, if you have a short torso, you can pull off a cropped top very nicely. You could wear it just where it hits you at your waist, and then what you wanna do is wear high-waisted pants, and the pants are actually what kind of nicely mashes down the tummy. So you want a pair of pants that has some kind of a little bit of structure and a fabric that will kind of pull in your tummy.

Now, I have pants that are not forgiving at all, that even accentuate my tummy. And then I have pants, shorts, dresses, skirts that actually bring it in nicely.

So, try on a few different things in your closet, either it could be shorts, pants, skirts, or at a store, and you could really see the difference.

Now again, a fabric that is a little thicker is actually going to suit you nicely, unless in a dress. In a pair of pants it will because it’ll bring in the tummy a little bit more, whereas, in something very loose and silky, it’s only going to accentuate it.

So, if you pair a kind of more structured pants with the undergarments, nobody it’s gonna even notice. You’re not going to notice. And you know, at the end of the day, it’s not about impressing others but it’s about impressing yourself and when you look in the mirror and you see yourself looking superfly is going to send those messages into your brain like “I’m super confident, I feel great, I feel beautiful”. And it’s going to put an extra pep in your step, it’s going to feel better about yourself, it’s going to help you be more productive, even work better and just make you happy overall.

So, all this we’re talking about is not vain, it’s important because it’s all about you feeling great in your own skin, you feeling super confident.

I hope that some of these tips helped! I’ll leave a couple of links to some of these tops that I have mentioned down below if that will help you and also to some belts that will look beautiful with maxi dresses.

And before I go I wanted to quickly show you one of my style clients that I think looks so cute in her outfit. Again, she also has gained a little bit of weight in the tummy area but this is how we styled her with a little wider pant that balanced her upper body, disguising the tummy area. Also, this top is very fitted along the top area, so it shows off her bust nicely but not over the top, right?

I think this is a really cute look. So, if you’re somebody that’s petite, that also maybe don’t want to show off the bust line, not show off maybe the tummy so much… I think this is a really cute outfit and you can pair it with wedges, that also give height without hurting the knees. I mean, this is a great pair of shoes, I’ll leave the link below as well.

So, I hope this gives you some inspiration and to go out and have some fun with fashion this season. Let me know in the comments below what you think, if there’s something that I left out please let me know as well. And I’ll see you in the next video which is going to be about dressing for the ladies that maybe have gained a little bit of weight not only in the tummy area but maybe down below. So, this could be a pair-shaped woman or just somebody that has gained a little bit of weight here and here. So, check the next video about dressing for your body shape if you’ve gained a little weight down below.

Alright, see you next time on Ada Style Minute!





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