What do success and great style have in common?… Everything! “Oh, Ada, then so didn’t you’d be like hard work, lots of money, and a great amount of energy! Well, I’m already putting that into being successful, so I can do that with style!” No, no, no. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the formula that got you successful but also helps you have a great style!

And here it is.

Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. Today we’re talking about style success and life success.

Now, what do those 2 things have in common? Well, the other day I was meeting with a group of entrepreneur women and professional women that are super successful in their careers. And we were kind of sitting around in a Zoom call and they’re super smart, I mean, very well-read ladies, wealthy, and just very successful with their families and their careers and just doing really really well. And style came up because now it’s the change of the season, it’s like “oh gosh, I gotta go shopping again, I hate shopping, I wish I could just have somebody do it for me”… And “yada yada yada, I just don’t have style”. So I was like “you guys, first of all, you do have style, so you gotta make it intentional because no matter what you do have style! And your style IS sending out a message so you gotta make sure you know what that message is”.

But then I was like “guys, what made you super successful?”. 3 things, right? And what are those 3 things? You can ask yourself the same thing, and so then you can just copy that formula over to your style.

So the 3 things that will make you successful are…

Number 1: You would say “well, success what does it mean?” You could be successful in your career, in a sport, in just your family, or whatever it might be. But the first thing to be successful in anything is YOU GOTTA BE EDUCATED IN THE SUBJECT, right? So if you’re just learning to play tennis you have to know the technique, you’d have to kind of educate yourself, or be educated on how to play. Or, when it comes to your career, of course, you go to school, you learn from experts and whatever it might be. The first is your learning, right?

And the second part is YOU’RE KIND OF EXPERIMENTING, right? So, you’re learning from different sources and then you’re playing, and you’re experimenting and you’re practicing, you’re practicing, you’re practicing… Again, with the tennis you’re practicing, whatever technique you want to learn, and maybe you’re kind of like putting sprinkle and spice of your own… Maybe, I don’t know, you’re extra quick so then that kind of helps you. So, you have your own kind of spice that you put into whatever you learn.

So, the same thing is for business or your career. You kind of became a niche expert in whatever it might be, or you’re just kind of experimenting and trying things on your own and what really works for you cause there are many different ways to learn, there are many ways to be successful. So you just gotta make it your own. So that’s the second thing.

The third thing is BEING CONSISTENT in whatever it is that you’re doing if you want to, again, become successful. So, you learned how to play tennis, you’re practicing, experimenting and then you have to stay consistent because, for tennis like in other sport, if you don’t practice and stay consistent you’re not gonna get very good. With your career same thing, you gotta show up to work every day, with your business you have to stay consistent. You can’t just start a business and then just not keep going with it.

I’ve been in business with ADA Collection Belts for over 17 years.

I’ve stayed consistent, I posted every single day, or my team post every single day.

We’re designing every single day, we’re sharing with you beautiful styling images of our belts every single day. Just staying consistent.


Same thing here with my Style Programs, I’m staying consistent and that’s the only way that you’re gonna be able to be successful, right? So I think that with this part you agree!

So now let’s copy over to style, it’s the same thing.

The first thing is you’ve learned about it. Now, you don’t typically and necessarily learn, you could learn a little bit of style from your mother, but then when you get older your mom is also older and you’re just trying to figure out your own style at that point. No one is really educating you like “Oh, Mary, try this color or this pattern”. You’re not necessarily should be doing this but teaching you all about that, right?

So, you come to me, Dress Your Shape Program is all about dressing your shape and I teach you just the science behind it, nothing I made up, I mean, it’s literally I went through my style learning as well and learned from so many different resources and I packed all into one program and it’s just facts! Dressing for your shape. That’s what I like about it because when it comes to figuring out your style that’s when it’s more experimenting.

Anyway, the first part is that you get educated on how to dress for your shape, what are the different color palettes that are out there. And then the second part is that you start experimenting. So you experiment with trying on different clothes “ok, well I don’t recommend this and this…” “Does that work for me?” Different necklines, different shapes, different colors, all for you to start experimenting and then you stay consistent.

Another thing that I teach in my program is to create a capsule collection. And a capsule collection is basically 20 pieces that could interchange and create outfits. So it’s super easy, but again, you’re staying consistent. It is not like “oh, I have more time today, let me get ready and put on an extra fabulous outfit”. “Oh today, running late! I guess I’m just gonna look sloppy today”. No, the capsule collection helps you stay consistent and that’s how you end up having great style! It’s not like bo-bo-bo-bo like “one day I’m super awesome looking and next on, I’m down on my self”. And then next day is like “oh, I’m getting compliments so…” okay, you get my drift. But basically, you’re staying consistent.

That’s what I feel that most women they’ll get the first part, maybe the second, and will stay consistent. But maybe at the first part they think “well, I’m just going to figure it out on my own”. Well, you went to school to get educated so you could have a successful career, but this first part now you’re trying to figure it out on your own and it’s more difficult and then you just get frustrated and you know, it happens.

Now, going back to our careers. So what happens if ok, we’re successful in our careers but now you’re ready for the next level of your career. Or let’s see… Maybe something happened and you demoted or you get fired and you get kind of thrown off. Well, you gotta start over again in a sense! Well, just those 3 steps: you get educated maybe in a new position, maybe get educated in a new skill, whatever it might be. Then again, you experiment a little bit, now that you’ve built on more skills and it’s not gonna be as hard the second or third time going back. And then the third, again, you stay consistent.

In fact, I wanted to quickly throw in a plug here that if you are looking to get promoted there’s a wonderful program by one of my good friends, May. She put together an amazing program on how to get promoted and how to earn more money! So, check it out! I’m gonna leave the link here.

What happens now that we got crazy, we got this amazing wardrobe and then we gain weight? Or our body shape change and we have to start over again? Most of us end up giving up at that point… Like “okay, I’m gonna put on some sweats and that’s it”. But do you do that with your career? Like “okay, I got fired, and then throw the towel and that’s it”? No, you’d probably kind of try to go and get another job, another skill and you go through the steps again. Same thing with style, girl! Stay in the game!

So go back, learn how to dress for your new body shape, experiment, and then stay consistent, build a capsule collection.

So, again, if you need career advice I’ve got May’s link right here. If you need any kind of advice on how to dress for your body shape, how to create a capsule collection, you got links down below. But being successful in your career and having great style it’s the same exact formula.

That’s your Style Minute today! I’m wondering what questions you might have, if you agree, disagree leave a comment for me below, let me know and I’ll check in the next video!




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