The “perfect travel outfit” is something I’ve discussed with my Style Club members quite a bit.

What does an effortless, polished and above all comfortable outfit look like?

We can all agree that non-stretch jeans are out.  Flip flops, not a great option.  And anything too stiff or tight is a big “no”.

After countless flights and thousands of miles flown, adding hundreds more generated by my lovely style club group, we’ve finally found the answer to the perfect travel outfits and I’ll show you my top 4 signature outfits in today’s video.

P.S. Curious what Style Club is all about?  Send me an email at I’ll give you all the details.

P.P.S.  I’m traveling as we speak.  Follow me on Instagram where I’ll take you behind the scenes of a beautiful underrated country in Europe.  Starts with the letter “C” and lies near the Adriatic Sea.  Can you guess what country I’m talking about?


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