Hello and welcome back to Ada Style Minute. For those of you who know me welcome back and for those of you who don’t my name is Ada Deferrari, I’m a personal style coach helping women look good and feel good in their clothes. Now I have a special series for you, all about dressing for your body shape. I am going to be covering all the different body types and the different body shapes. How to identify your body shape. And also what tops to wear and which tops to avoid, what bottoms to wear and what bottoms to avoid. And how to put a complete outfit together. Again, to make you feel good and look good so you do good, you’re super confident throughout the day in what you’re wearing.
So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Today I want to talk about the rectangle shape which is actually the most common shape I think 80% of women have the shape. And that’s basically when your shoulder best and hips are similar in size and you don’t have a defined waist. And as a belt designer, I hear this all the time like, “I can’t wear a belt because I don’t have a waist”
Well, welcome to the club that’s 80% of us that don’t have a defined waist and that’s why we want to wear belts actually. Our styling challenge is to create an illusion of the waist, define a waist, and be able to create those curves on the top, and on the bottom so that we have again an illusion of an hourglass shape.
But why do we even want to do that? Well because when we get dressed in the morning, and you look good, you feel good, you just do good for the rest of the day. So put on something that makes you feel really good, not just comfortable but yes comfortable of course, but makes you feel really good about your body, your body shape, your body type, about just your own self how you look in the mirror it’s gives you more confidence and you can feel better throughout the day.
So let’s get back again to illusion dressing, some of these celebrities that have your body shape, the rectangle body shape, that don’t have a defined waist, Cameron Diaz: tall, slim, yes. But she doesn’t have a defined waist. So her stylist and she herself are always looking for ways to create a waistline, and that could be done through a belt, and through some of these tops that we’ll talk about today. Also, Queen Latifah, Anne Hathaway. There are many women, again, plus size and petite and tall. And just again different sizes, but their body shape is more of a body shape where they don’t have a defined waist. 80% of us are in. Once again.
So, what are some of the tops and some of the different outfits that we can put together that help us define the waist? Well first of all and especially now with the spring weather and going into summer soon afterward,  wearing dresses is amazing. I think that dresses are just so versatile, you can put on even a loose dress and then belt it, and it will give you shape. A beautiful way to create those curves is to just create an outfit in a cinch. Also, anything with the lower V neckline doesn’t have to be super low, but tops and dresses with the V-neckline are very flattering for a rectangle shape because if you picture like more rectangle and you want to create these curves with either v-necks or scoop necks. You want to go with a kind of contrast to the shape that you already have.
And then speaking of contrast, wearing contrasting colors at the waistline creates an illusion on the waist. So whether you wear something dark or light but again highlighting the waist with that contrast because your eyes drown to it. That creates an illusion of your waistline, so yes belts absolutely but also the contrasting colors really help.
And some of these tops that I brought in for you, the peplum top as the very common and great top that has an illusion of a waistline, doesn’t have to be super fitted. Anything that has a Little kind of fold line around your waistline is going to help you to look more elongated and define your waist. Tacking in your blouses, again with a few contrasting colors. Tacking in blouses, I have a great video talking about all the different tacks you can do, it doesn’t have to be only your front tack. You could do a lot of different ways of bringing the eye up around your waist without necessarily if you’re not feeling super comfortable in that area, then you can still minimize the tummy area but highlight the waist at the same time.
And then also tops that have interesting details, light off the shoulder, or maybe a few puffy sleeves, any kind of interesting detailing that makes your shoulders look broader it’s going to make your waist look smaller and then defined your waist.
Layering as well is always a wonderful way to minimize the tummy area, but also highlight the waist. So, that’s how you look amazing wearing, I will also suggest you can try high-waisted jeans and belt it, that will be great as well and here we have Ada Collection Belt (www.adacollection.com), if you want to check out ADA Collection Belts, there are wonderful, one size, versatile pieces, super soft leather, and you can either place them high on the waist, or you can wear belt them with a dress, or with a top, or you can belt your high-waisted jeans, or wear them lower if that what’s you like to do, but belts are a good way to the find your waist. Honestly!
And especially Ada Collection belts, are very soft, they look beautiful on the body, and we’re all about embracing women’s body types and shapes. Also, you can try layering with a blazer with a V-neck, that’s also wonderful again, it’s another layering piece that helps to the find your waist. Here are additional tops that you might wanna check out, any top that cinches at the waistline, Jackets too that have fit and flare, they can have a belt, or you can just look for something that’s fit and flare, so when you raise up your arms, if it goes straight down, it’s not defining your waist. If it’s a little bit tapered in around the waist that’s what you wanna go for. Always take a top to a tailor as well and have it tailored.
In fact, it is a very big celebrity secret. They take tops to a tailor and have them tapering at the size. And again any kind of interesting detailing, sleeveless tops, if that’s where you wanna go for, again, you could see a versatile amount, there are different kinds of tops and styles because it depends on the comfort level, or if you want to show your arms, etc, etc. Any kind of interesting detailing, contrast, define in the waist with a belt is, how you will get that illusion all the waistline. So I hope this helps!