For those of you who know me welcome back and for those of you who don’t my name is Ada Deferrari, I’m a personal style coach helping women look good and feel good in their clothes. 

Now I have a special series for you, all about dressing for your body shape. I am going to be covering all the different body types and all the different body shapes. How to identify your body shape? And also what’s tops to wear and what’s tops to avoid, what’s bottoms to wear and what’s bottoms to avoid and how to put a complete outfit together so I can make you feel good and look good so you do good, you’re super confident throughout the day in what you’re wearing. 

Let’s get started.

The first body shape we are going to talk about in this series is the Apple body shape. 

This shape is basically when your shoulders bust and hips are more uniform, you don’t have any fine waist, and you tend to gain more weight in your tummy area. 


With this shape most people will probably tell you, and you know this about yourself to but you’ve got killer arms and killer legs but again your Weight he’s probably more in the tummy area. 


And the good news is that, it’s actually very easy to hide this. Especially with creating balance and proportion we certain tops and prints and certain colors, and bottoms. It’s a really easy to disguise the tummy area. If that’s what you want to do.  

So that’s the awesome news, and yes it is a very common body shape. So you can find many clothing options for your body shape.  

Now, our goal is going to be is that create that balance between your upper body and your lower body. And you can see some celebrities, gorgeous celebrities with this body shape and you can see what their styles have done to dress then. 

For example, Adele she tends to have more the Apple body shape as well, she’s gone through weight fluctuations and shape fluctuations, have I, so I completely get it. But It’s all about to finding the ways, if you don’t have define waist, we are going to create a define waist, using this little illusions and tricks. 

As you can see with Adele, it’s kind of a built-in belt in her dress. Same thing with Drew Barrymore, again she has thin arms and legs but she tends to gain more weight in the tummy area. And then with Kate Winslet, also this is just a beautiful structure red dress, of course you don’t have to wear only dresses, but I’m just using these example, work on also mermaid at into creating an hour glass shape  with tops. 


The first top that it’s actually kind of built-in hourglass shape, again this is not necessary to be yourself but something similar to this, or creating a V on top and an A line on the bottom, Super built-in hourglass. You can do it easily with a dress. But if we are talking only about tops, this is a great style because it has already defined waist and it’s already as I said a built-in hourglass. 


You can always put a tank top underneath if you don’t feel comfortable or if you feel a little bit too betsy show where discount of V-neck or V-shaped tops, something even more loose and then you can just through on a belt, either skinny belts or wrap belts, and you can really define your waist. 


But the point is that you really want to try to go with V-shaped tops, again could it be loose and create the top part of it, and then you can tuck in around the waist section and wear pants and jeans that are a little bit more slimming on the tummy which I’m going to get to in a future video. 

But again keep in mind the V shape because is the top part of an hourglass and it’s going to flair out of the bottom. 

So we are going to talk about more of pants in my next video and additional body shapes this series. 

I hope you had some great takes away from today’s video, if you did leave a comment for me below. If it’s something I didn’t share and you like to add then please do so as well any feel like this video, please give me your thumbs up. 

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