A couple weeks ago we started our series on outfit formulas – a magic equation that makes the “getting-dressed” process more efficient.

Outfit formula #1 is the “monochromatic” look, pairing pieces together of the same color.  Not only does it make for an interesting look but this outfit is slimming, on-trend and easy to pull together.

This week, let’s talk about outfit formula #2 – Adding a blazer.

Blazers are having a mega moment in fashion right now and all the stylish girls are pairing the menswear-inspired staple with jeans, dresses and even sporty leggings for an instant dressed up look.  In fact, you can take a peek at my Pinterest board for my favorite blazer inspirations.

The boyfriend blazer is my personal favorite because it’s stylish and comfortable.

But let’s not forget the power of a blazer in a professional workplace. Now, I get that many companies don’t have a dress code and if you’re working in the Silicon Valley or another start up… many companies consider it “cool” not to have a dress code.

 But keep this stat in mind next time you’re getting ready for work.

According to a survey by John T. Molloy and best-selling author of Women’s Dress for Success, 94 percent of businesspeople assume that women wearing a blazer outrank women that are not wearing one.

In fact, it’s been shown that women could wear the most conservative business dress and will be seen as a professional by only 40 percent of the businesspeople she meets for the first time.  But if she slips on a blazer, it will be assumed by over 80 percent of people that she has power and authority.

If you’re headed to an important business meeting where you need to make a professional impression, consider grabbing a blazer as you head out the door. As studies show, it will be an effective outfit choice to make an impression.

Click here for inspirational blazer outfits >> Pinterest.

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