Do you get overwhelmed when shopping for clothes, gleefully putting outfits into your shopping cart, then having second thoughts as you approach the cashier, finally doubting yourself completely and fleeing the store with nothing?


Do you have a hard time dressing “cool and casual” so you go with either your same old business attire or perhaps leggings and a messy bun and don’t feel “put together”?

Then you’re going to love these outfit formulas.

Just because I’m a designer doesn’t mean that I was born with super powers to know exactly how to dress and be ready in 30 seconds.

All of that came with practice and, get this, formulas.

Perhaps my family’s science background and my mom dragging me to every play and show honoring Marie Skłodowska Curie (a great scientist, known for research on radioactivity) is why my brain naturally turns to formulas, lists and processes, even when designing and, yes, when getting dressed!

Having an outfit formula means you plug in a variable and out comes a stylish result.

Which means:

– A less overwhelming experience when shopping because you’ll only be focused on buying one of the variables.

– An easy-to-copy stylish outfit that will leave you feeling and looking pulled together.

So if you’re ready to learn about stylish outfit formulas…

Let’s get started…

If you want to learn more about radioactivity, I’ll call my mom. 🙂

There’s a lot to say about every one of these formulas and why they work but today I’ll focus on the first one – Monochromatic.

Yes, dressing in all black is my go-to, but there are so many more colors that work from head-to-toe. Think crisp white, all grey, festive burgundy, earthy green.

The reason monochromatic works so well and my outfit formula choice number one is because it’s slimming, fairly easy to put together and it’s very stylish.

I put together a Pinterest board with inspiration CLICK HERE for the board.    

Check out the inspiration and then head to your closet and put together a monochromatic outfit and go out and rock it.  See how you feel and the compliments you get.

Leave a comment for me below and let me know what color you’ll be choosing for your monochromatic look of the week.

And then meet me back here next week to talk about outfit formula #2 – Adding a blazer.

Thanks for reading!



P.S. The fit of your clothing is the foundation to looking your best.  If you haven’t already downloaded the Shape Style Guide you can download it here. 

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