Of all the accessories out there, the scarf is easily one of the more versatile.

(I will argue that belts are the most practical accessories because they accessories AND create a waist line)…

… but we’re talking about scarves here.

  • A scarf will add style to every outfit.
  • Can be worn every season (yes, even when it’s hot) – and why I made this video to show you how…
  • A scarf will add color and lighten up your face (even when you’re wearing black.)
  • And, if you want to wear neon pants with an orchid-colored top – a scarf can blend the colors, make it an outfit, and make you look super stylish (one of my outfits I’ve planned in my spring capsule).

So if you ever thought scarves were only for winter – watch this video and be inspired!

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How to Wear a Scarf #1: Tie it Around Your Neck with a Side Knot

How to Wear a Scarf #2:  Wear a Scarf in Your Hair

How to Wear a Scarf #3:  Wear it Around Your Waist

How to Wear a Scarf #4:  Tie a Scarf Around Your Handbag

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?  And are you willing to try one of the four suggestions?  Looking forward to hearing from you.